Taking the confusion out of credit repair

Credit can be confusing, we understand that. We are here to help demystify it all.

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Why Us?

The answer is simple. We provide guaranteed* credit repair services in a very short period of time and our results are permanent.

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Accountability is very important to us. For this reason, we typically ONLY work with Real Estate professionals. When there is a common goal for all parties, it makes the journey so much better!

Actionable Insights

With the help of your Realtor, we come up with a detailed a plan of action before you ever get started with us.

Monitoring & Alerting

We are constantly monitoring your credit report for any changes. If we notice anything, we let you know.

Fast Results

We typically get our clients where they need to be within a 60-90 day period and the results are permanent.

Continuing Education

Increasing your credit score is only part of the journey. We want you to enjoy good credit, forever.

Helping you reach your goals, one step at a time


In Collection Accounts Removed

Over the course of 8 years we have saved our clients millions of dollars


Realtors & Counting

Our ever expanding network of Realtors is a testament to our work


Thinking about buying a home a year from now? We can help. A few months from now? We can help with that too. It does not matter where you are in your journey, we are here to help.

How does it work?

The process is pretty straightforward. Either they prove the debt is yours or they remove it from your credit report.

Solving the biggest problems

Home ownership is closer than you think. The first step to the rest of your life starts now, call us today.

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