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Are the results permanent?2018-09-16T19:36:54-04:00

The short answer is yes. The method we use to remove collection accounts ensures that the debt stays gone for good but that does not stop collection agencies from breaking the law. Collection agencies CAN put collections back on your credit report but they have to prove the debt is yours first. If they cannot do that, you can sue for damages up to $3,700.

What makes you different?2018-09-16T20:16:31-04:00

We understand contract law and we charge a flat fee. Most companies lure you into a monthly contract with a low cost and keep you in that contract for a year if not longer. If a company charges you $100 a month, do you really think they will finish helping you in 3 months? How will they pay for overhead?

How long before I see results?2018-09-16T19:39:28-04:00

Each situation is different but you should see results in the first 30-45 days but this also depends on your cooperation. If we request documentation and we do not receive it, you will not see any results.

Is there a guarantee?2019-02-14T08:08:07-05:00

Yes! You shouldn’t have to pay for a service that doesn’t work. Click here to take a look at the details of our guarantee.

Can I do this on my own?2018-09-16T19:13:25-04:00

Of course you can! You can also change your own transmission but that doesn’t mean you’ll do it right. Remember this; collection agencies don’t care about the truth, they only want the money they think is owed to them. Explaining how things went wrong and why that particular account is in collections will only make things worse for you.

How often am I updated?2018-09-16T19:07:45-04:00

You are updated once every 30-45 days. Collection agencies and credit bureaus have 30 days to respond to disputes and an additional 15 days to ensure you receive responses from those disputes. You will receive an update from us only when you have forwarded all correspondence you have received. Other than that, we cannot respond to requests for updates.

Is Credit Karma Accurate?2018-09-14T08:18:47-04:00

Yes and no. Credit Karma is good enough to see what is on TransUnion and Equifax, but you won’t be able to see Experian. The score might vary from your actual FICO score because it is a different model than what the lenders use.

Do I have to pay collections?2018-09-14T08:06:50-04:00

We work to remove the collection accounts on you credit report so the answer is no. Plus, we are able to remove all collection accounts 90%* of the time. If a collection agency is able to prove a debt is yours beyond a shadow of a doubt, that is the only time we would ever settle a collection account and that is only if the account is removed with payment.

*This is an estimate

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