Our goal is to get you into a home. If you DO NOT qualify for a home due to a lack of success on our part, you are due a refund as detailed in your contract. This is also subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. Refunds are paid 14 days after your contract expires in the form of a mailed certified check or money order.

  • You create or cause any new derogatory trade lines to be added to your credit report after you sign your contract. If you feel there is a pending collection account, you must let us know before or shortly after signing your contract.

  • You do not make all payments due and owing to Coburn Credit Group per your contract on time. If a payment is late, we will more than likely cancel your contract. If we do not cancel your contract, you forfeit your right to a refund.

  • You do not mail or email Coburn Credit Group all correspondence relating in any way to your credit report within 7 days of receiving said correspondence. If you do not forward paperwork, we have no idea what needs to be done next.