I know by now that you are a credit pro but it won’t hurt for me to give you a few tips! Here is a quick rundown and also a short, 10 second video for you to watch incase you don’t feel like reading.

Keep Low Balances

  • Keep credit card balance under 30% ideally. Of course this depends on the amount of credit card debt you have. If you CAN, be sure to pay down your credit card debt.

No Inquires

  • I don’t care how good it sounds! Don’t have ANYONE pull your credit including your Realtor or Loan Officer without my permission. Their job is to sell you a home and that’s fine, but my job is to get your credit together, allow me to do that! DO NOT RUN YOUR CREDIT!

Paperwork is Key

  • This is a big one! We CANNOT move forward EFFECTIVELY without knowing what you received from the bureaus. I know it may be a pain to keep track of paperwork but you are helping us a TON if you can keep track of everything you get and you ensure you get the best results!

Now, onto the short video!